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Virtual Display Image Viewer

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The Virtual Display Image Viewer is a free package including windows image converter/installer Win32 application and a Palm OS v3.5-5.x image viewer. The viewer was primarily designed to overcome the limitations of the handheld imaging software existent at the times of Palm OS 3.5 and to allow taking diagrams, driving directions or schematics on the go. Unlike conventional Palm OS image viewers at that time the Virtual Display Image Viewer is capable of performing low quality zooming operation  on the fly, which makes the navigation over the image and the search of a particular picture position on a small size Palm screen significantly easier preserving the same memory requirements. Please follow to the Installation, Usage and Screenshots sections for more information.  

24 Mar 2007   VDIV v1.8a sources made available for download.
8 Sep 2005   VDIV v1.8a is available. Fixed armlet bug causing crashes on Treo 650, added 64K color mode support, added CLI support (see change-log for details).
5 Sep 2004   VDIV v1.7b is available. Fixed several bugs, added launch block parameters parsing (see change-log for details).
30 Aug 2004   VDIV v1.7a is available. The major enhancements are compression support and converter's ability to read its own PDB image files.
25 Dec 2003   VDIV v1.6b is available. Contains a hot fix for v1.6a crash at the startup time when there are no images found.
24 Dec 2003   VDIV v1.6a is available. The major enhancement is the VFS (expansion cards) support.
17 Oct 2003   The VDIV web page has been redesigned. OkOb web site now features a forum page where you can register to receive new version announcements, post your suggestions, bug reports and questions.